Tuesday 25 April 2017
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Deontay Wilder could defend WBC heavyweight title against Shannon Briggs in January

Deontay Wilder Shannon Briggs

By Jordan Stoddart

According to Stateside reports, WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder could be about to face Shannon Briggs. The undefeated American (35(34)-0) is slated to fight on January 16th in Brooklyn, New York, but is still searching for an opponent after Vyacheslav Glazkov pulled out of the ruck in favour of a shot at Tyson Fury’s – soon to be vacant – IBF crown.

Briggs (59(52)-6-1) has allegedly been offered $400, 000 to face off with Wilder, with the champion seemingly keen to close the deal. “The only person I feel will save this show is Shannon Briggs,” Wilder told TMZ Sports. “Will he accept the money that we’re offering him? Shannon feels he’s bigger than he really is … which he’s not,” he added. Veteran Briggs has also slammed Wilder via the aforementioned site, but insists he would take the fight for free and is confident of an early win.

“This is what cowards say. He’s a coward,” Briggs countered to TMZ.com. “I just had eight fights. I passed every drug test…They called me and said ‘listen, do you want to fight Deontay?’ I said ‘yes, let’s do it.’ They said ‘Okay, how much money?’ I said ‘$2 million dollars.’ They said ‘We’ll call you back.’ They called back and said ‘We’ll pay you $500,000 dollars.’ I said ‘Let’s go, champ.’ They said ‘We’ll call you right back.’ I said ‘Okay.’ They called back and they said ‘$400,000.’ I said ‘No problem.’ It ain’t about the money. I’ll take winner takes all. I’ll fight for free. Winner take all in Brooklyn. I’m so confident I’ll knock him out. He won’t get past the 1st round,” he added.

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