Tuesday 25 April 2017
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The Boxing Observer meets Frank Buglioni: Britain’s hottest boxing prospect


Frank Buglioni is arguably the hottest prospect in British boxing right now. Last weekend was only the Enfield mans 3rd professional bout, yet the astonishing amount of support that was on show at London’s York Hall showed he is on the right track to becoming the next big thing in the UK, and hopefully the world scene.

In an already teaming 168 lb division, Buglioni is looking to hopefully challenge the likes of Carl Froch and George Groves for domestic and global honours, and he certainly possesses the style to excite along the way. A renowned hard hitter, Buglioni overcame a sturdy test in beating journey Ryan Clark on Saturday, after two successful knockout victories, and gained massive exposure thanks to boxing on the Boxnation  TV channel.

The Boxing Observer quickly caught up with Frank after his win over Ryan Clark last Saturday…….

Boxing Observer: You faced a very hard test last weekend at the legendary York Hall in facing journeyman Ryan Clark. What do you feel you gained from the fight, and was he as tough as you expected?

Frank: Ryan Clark was extremely tough, if I’m perfectly honest I believed going into the fight that I would get him out of there. However credit when credit is due he withstood a great deal of shots and I have nothing but admiration for his courage. Mark Tibb’s and my team mates however did instruct me that it is very difficult to achieve a stoppage against someone who’s sole purpose is to survive rather than cause an upset, which is apparent when compared to the fight against Monteith; in which he came to win. He left himself open to the left hook when throwing his own shot. I learnt a great deal from this fight and in hindsight I’m not disappointed that it went the distance, I know that I can fight comfortably at a high pace for four rounds and it has also highlighted some mistakes of mine that need ironing out.

Boxing Observer: You had a massive reception on entering York Hall, and the British boxing press are going wild about you at the minute. Do you feel this could hinder your progression within the pro-ranks, maybe too much pressure to excite the fans and perform?

Frank: I absolutely love the fans and I know the majority of my support personally, so having such a huge reception, brings me nothing but pride and motivation for the fight. Hopefully the support continues to grow and I hope I can continue to box well and entertain them. I am naturally a come forward fighter anyway so I would box the same to a big or small crowd. I am however working on counter punching, rolling, slipping and blocking so that when i do come forward iI not wreck less  and more effective. I am also thankful for the press and publicity I am receiving, boxing is a great sport and if I can generate more outside interest for the sport I love, then again i am a happy man.

Boxing Observer: Is it true you sold 300+ tickets for Fridays bout?! If so, will there always be added pressure to produce knockouts, as you are very heavy handed.

Frank: It was nearly 500 in the end haha! My support is fantastic and they are there to see me win, if I land the right shots then i believe i can hurt anyone, but I wont be chasing knockouts and making myself vulnerable to my opponents counters.

Boxing Observer: When and where are you planning to fight next?

Frank: March 16th at Wembley, it could well be a 6 rounder or one more 4 rounder.

Boxing Observer: Is it true you still work at your families scaffolding firm whilst trying to become the next big UK Boxing Star?

Frank: I work with my dad as a building surveyor and we work alongside my brother in laws scaffolding company; Pride Scaffolding who have been kind enough to sponsor me.  I enjoy working in between training, I think it keeps me grounded and my mind occupied.

Boxing Observer: One of the reasons the Boxing fraternity are so excited about you, is not your Boxing skills, but you also could be very marketable. Is this part of the master plan for you, or are you solely concerned with what happens between the ropes?

Frank: It’s definitely something I would be interested in for the future, again if it helps generate more interest within the boxing scene and highlight all the lives it affects positively then it would be great. If and when the marketing side takes off then it will always come second to my training and focus in the ring.

Boxing Observer: What are your thoughts on Tyson Fury apparently ducking David Price?

Frank: David Price is a big puncher, they also boxed as amateurs with Price coming out the clear winner. Its a close fight but personally the odds look in Prices favour. I also understand Fury’s point of view though, hes at European/world level now. A loss to price would be detrimental to his career.

Boxing Observer: I was going to ask if the transgression from being a world class amateur to starting-out pro was a big feat, but being trained by the renowned Mark Tibb’s must make it a smooth transition?

Frank: I always felt my come forward style suited the pros and I put a lot of emphasis on my strength and conditioning throughout my amateur career. Training with Mark Tibb’s has been fantastic, he has built my confidence and has started making big improvements with me already, I feel my punching power has increased as well. What excites me about Mark though is that we are still only at the tip of the ice berg. There is so much to learn and do but he is very patient and is insistent that we master one step before we take the next. I couldn’t be happier with the team I am in, and the fact we have a close bond makes training even easier.

Boxing Observer: It is well documented you are a big Arturo Gatti fan, what other boxers and styles do you idolise and represent?

Frank: That is true, I loved all of Gatti’s fights and it was great loss when his life was tragically cut short. I am also a fan of De La Hoya’s; he was a ferocious come forward fighter with a great style. I also like Bernard Hopkins, the boxing intelligence he has is phenomenal, and to continue to fight at the highest level at the age he is, shows what dedication and determination can achieve.

Boxing Observer: I am going to deliberately avoid he Olympic questions, as I assume it can become tiresome. Instead, looking to the future, after last nights win over Ryan Clark, your professional record now reads 3(2)-0. Where do you feel you will be in January 2013, in terms of record, achievements and press recognition?

Frank: Hopefully in a years time after another 5 or 6 fights I will continue to show improvements and be preparing for a southern area title. As I have said before I am in no rush to jump up the levels, I know how much there is to learn and also how hard the sport can be when your matched with someone who has equal ability. I want to have been through that hardship and tested a few times in the gym before I do it for real, its also important that my body and mind are prepared for later rounds, all things that only come with time.

Boxing Observer: You are very big for a Super-Middleweight, can you see yourself going up in weight classes in the near future?

Frank: I weighed in for my last fight at 12st on the day, I have room to grow and still make the weight for day before weigh-ins, I eat healthy and live clean and with Mark Tibb’s knowledge on nutrition, I am able to feel very strong at 12st.

Boxing Observer: The British Super-Middleweight scene is packed with talent at present. Obviously Froch is a global star now, but do you genuinely feel you can be mixing with the likes of Paul Smith, and hopefully George Groves and James De Gale in the next two years?

Frank: The above mentioned are all quite a few years ahead of me in terms of experience but I feel there is no reason why I cannot reach those levels myself.

Boxing Observer: Who is your favourite current British fighter, and why?

Frank: Excluding my stable mates, Carl Froch is my favourite, having had the privilege to train alongside him whilst on the GB team I got to see how much effort and hard work he put in to his training. I also sparred him and had the opportunity to feel his power and experience first hand. He has proven his chin and power time and time again and has been apart of some fantastic fights. I wish him all the best for the rest of his career.

Boxing Observer: We are hearing that Carl Froch and Lucian Bute are just agreeing terms for a huge 168 lb IBF fight in May. Do you think ‘‘the Cobra’ can become a 3-time World champion?

Frank: I think it is a great match up and Carl Froch certainly has the ability to beat Lucian Bute, However Bute is a very slick Southpaw also with power and a good chin which makes the fight even more interesting. I would love to see Carl Froch become a 3 time world Champion and if I had to put money on it i would go with the Cobra by late stoppage.

Boxing Observer: It has been a pleasure speaking with you Frank, we will be following your career closely, and we wish you all the best for the future. Finally, before you go, do you have anything to say to the fans who travelled to see you last night, and saw you live on Boxnation?

Frank: I am absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of support that was at York Hall on Friday. As always I want to thank everyone that came out and created such a fantastic atmosphere on the night and also thank all those who tuned in to Boxnation, which makes the shows possible.

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